Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'll kick this off by revealing something about my self that i've never shared with anyone before; every time a blog catches my interest i can't fight the urge to go back and read the blogger's first entry.

I'd now like to address anyone who is reading this in the future. Hello. How are you? I know... I do it too!

I know of two reasons why someone in the future would be reading this post. They either find my take on everyday adventures charming and want to follow my story from the beginning, or, after randomly stumbling across my blog, they are hoping to catch a gimps of the type of person who would put such crap up on the internet. I'm usually thinking the latter when clicking thru a blog's achieves looking for entry number one.

I have this false sense of superpower in that i believe I can tell a lot about a person based on their first blog post. I have a faulty sense of logic in that I base the former assumption on the fact that I have started a lot of blogs, each to cast my self in a different light, each initial entry carefully crafted with the intention to tell readers a lot about the person i wanted them to believe I was. I will now reduce my entire existence down to a single cliché and tell you that I came to realize that the real person i was trying to convince about who i wanted to be seen as was, in fact, myself. Each new beginning was a clean slate i could fill up with a point of view, not of my own, but of the person i hoped to become. I saw my blog as a way to fake it till could make it, a place where i could fake smile when I was sad till i was once again happy. Wow, that was more like, four or five clichés. Well, I'm very complex.

In the past I didn't know who i was and I thought i could find my way by doing things i thought the type of person i was hoping to become would do. The only thing i was doing in any of those blogs that was totally honest was the actual act of blogging. I love to blog. I've learned lot about myself by putting my experiences into a written format that I'm comfortable about sharing with others, even when I was writing behind a veil. Now I can feel the sun on my face and i want to show off the real me in blog form. This is where that starts.