Saturday, December 18, 2010

watching Tron was a lot like spending time with my mother

There were times when I was like, 'are you seriously saying that right now,' and i didn't think i could take another second!
Then there were parts that were so endearing that all i could do was enjoy the simplicity of the scene.
It made me think about mortality, what I'm doing with my life and what the point of it is in the grand scheme of things any way.
It had me asking the question 'you have all access to all of this advanced technology but you are never even going to get close to using it to it's potential, are you?'
And just when i thought i had it figured out and was totally over it it surprised me and made me look at it in a whole new way.
But seriously Tron, making Daft Punk's cameo be as DJs? LAME!
and those are ways that Tron was like my mother.
The uncomfortably unclear nature of the relationship between Sam & Quorra, who are essentially brother and sister, that part was just gross.