Saturday, July 06, 2013

the choice of the next generation

I can think of two times when advertising has had a direct effect on me. Once, thirty seconds spent watching alternating images of Johnny Depp and big Macs sent me straight to McDonalds. Another time David Bowie made me drink Pepsi.

We didn’t drink soda a lot when I was growing up, but when we did coke was it. My mother has a point of view and doesn’t compromise on the important things. She will only drive a stick shift, made sure we always had hardwood floors and every now and then she enjoys coca cola.

As a child with discretionary funds available to spend on a beverage I only ordered coke and, like my mother, would just drink water if it wasn’t an option. It felt mature to know what I wanted and more importantly that I wasn’t going to settle for what I didn’t want.

I’m happy that as a young person there was a habit of my mothers I could imitate and practice what it felt like to know and go after my heart’s desire.

It is a testament to David Bowie’s taste making charisma that he made me feel the need to drink Pepsi. That feeling barely lasted for 12 ounces. As for my Depp induced Mac Attack… what can I say? Sex sells.

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